Please contact us for a free quote for two Polish/English simultaneous or one Polish/English consecutive interpreter.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind before sending us a request for a price estimate:

  • EQUIPMENT The final price depends on the number of headphones you need. We provide headsets for as many as 300 participants!
  • INTERPRETING SLOTS It is standard practice to measure interpreting time in terms of 4 hour slots. That means a 10am-5pm conference (7hours) will take up two 4h slots.
  • TRANSPORTATION There are no additional travel costs within Warsaw and the vicinity. Travel and accommodation fees will apply for work outside of the Warsaw region.
  • BOOTHS the prices listed here are for two interpreters working together in the booth . Should you require more interpreters and or booths, please email or call us for an estimate.
  • 23% VAT not included.