Simultaneous interpretation

Bartosz Nowicki, tłumacz symultaniczny języka angielskiego

Ladies and Gentelmen,

Thank you for your interest in our services. We are delighted to be able to present ourselves as a reliable, well organized team of simultaneous interpreters. We guarantee a fully professional approach to what we do. We strive to deliver top notch quality services so that you can rest assured your guests are getting the best translation possible. We interpret from Polish to English and from English to Polish in a diverse palate of subjects that we expand with every assignment.

Our work is based on the credo that in order to do your job well you have to enjoy what you do. Simultaneous interpretation brings us enormous satisfaction. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to both meet our career goals and deliver world class interpretation to conferences, congresses, expos, conventions or corporate trainings.

Bartosz Nowicki