Simultaneous interpretation equipment

Our conference interpretation equipment guarantees perfect sound quality and a superb user experience. We use state of the art interpreter consoles, mixers, transmission systems, and headset receivers for the participants. Excellent sound quality is vital for interpreters in their daily work. Our equipment provides perfect sound both for the interpreters and for the conference attendees, which ensures a comfortable reception of the interpreted content.

interpretation equipment

We use the TAIDEN interpreting solution. TAIDEN offers over 400 devices which make professional discussion happen. It acquired its renown at the G20 meeting in Mexico, where it made possible the interchange of 14 languages. Its dedicated solutions were used during the Beijing Olympic Games and currently service top institutions around the world including the UN and the World Bank headquarters. Stellar parameters which surpass the European standards will soon make these devices prevalent on the European market.

a simultaneous interpretation booth

Nothing is as crucial to interpreters as being enclosed in a soundproof booth. The lightweight, folding structure guarantees easy installation, portability, and comfortable working conditions. One booth - a workplace for two interpreters - services one language combination. Interpreting between a larger number of languages requires putting more booths side by side. All our booths meet the ISO 4043 norm.

conference interpretation equipment

One of the most cutting edge systems out there, the TAIDEN's HCS is fully digital, providing a 80dB sound-noise separation. It includes the mixer, transmitters, interpreter consoles and headset receivers.

Sprzęt do tłumaczeń symultanicznych

The system uses infrared transmitter-receiver communication ensuring full control over the transmitted content which will not reach undesired ears outside the interpretation perimeter.